Sunday, February 22, 2009


I aways thought personal blogs were immodest and arrogant, which is why I'm surprised it took me this long to start one. I am thirty years old. Most of those thirty years were spent dreaming about being something. Anything. But like Franny Glass, I was sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody. Today I can proudly admit that I am a nobody. I live in Hamilton, sometimes referred to as the 'armpit of Ontario', and that's ok. I build pallet orders in a warehouse. That's ok too. Sometimes I drive a forklift.

Just because I know a good movie when I watch one or a nice purse when I see one or a clever book when I read one does not mean I could ever create anything that I'd ever appreciate. For a while I'd get mad when a great song came out because I did not write it. This is no way of living.

I know I will never go down in History for anything. Another monkey could fill in for me at my job. But nobody, nobody can tell my stories like I tell them. So here, for everyone to read, are my stories. Thanks -Megan